New April 01, 2022
Third-year Bachelor’s students join Takahashi Lab.

Sep. 30, 2021
“Non-stationary analysis of wind-driven, nearshore currents and beach erosion changes in Nangoku construction area of Kochi coast caused by 24 storms from 2011 to 2019” was published.

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Takahashi Laboratory at   Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences,   Kansai University

We conduct disaster prevention and reduction research on water related disasters such as tsunamis, storm surges and floodings. We are also groping for ways to use machine learning for disaster research. In addition, we consider environmental issues as long-time-scale disasters, and conduct research on renewable energy (hydropower) and coral reef restoration.

関西大学 社会安全学部 高橋研究室



Our laboratory was established in April 2010. We started out under the name of Hydrosphere Disaster Laboratory, because the main research objectives were water related disasters and environmental issues at the beginning. However, since then, we have covered data science and application development, and our research has expanded into a wide range of field related to safety and security. Therefore, in April 2020, the 10th anniversary of our founding, we change the name to Takahashi Laboratory to cope with more diverse researches.